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When it comes to getting that home, car, or loan you want creditors only want to know one thing, your credit score.

Sometimes we can’t afford to purchase the home or car we want because of the high interest rates we have to pay. Let’s face it, bad credit can be very expensive.

A car that would cost you $300 a month with good credit could cost you $500 a month.

A home mortgage that would cost you $1200 with good credit could cost you $1800 with bad credit.


Let CCRS change your life by helping you repair your credit so you can reach your dreams.CCRS Does More than Just Repair Your Credit:

CCRS’s goal is not just to improve your credit score. It is also to educate people so that they can maintain their credit. CCRS has helped thousands of people repair their credit but many come back years later with the same problem. CCRS will help you repair your credit legally but also wants you to understand good credit habits. Maintaining your credit is easy. CCRS will teach you the factors that affect your credit. How you can repair your credit. Some tips on managing your debt. How you should go about buying a home or car. How you can establish credit.

Clean Credit Reports Services 1001 NE 125th St, North Miami Florida, 33161
305-891-4321 1800 965 0102

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